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Creating Primary Source Activities

You will create FIVE classroom activities focused on getting students to analyze primary sources. Specific instructions for each activty can be found by clicking on the title of the assignment, below.

In general, it can be said that:

  • Each activity will relate to one the Connecting to the Past core themes, as listed below.
  • Each actvity  will follow a particular analysis focus.
  • Each activity should be something that you can use in your calssrrom.
The assignments will be turned in via email so that a selection of these can be easily posted to the project website.  Turn them in to Stuart ( hobbs.2@osu.edu) and to your assigned lead teacher (see Handout)
Click on MODEL FORMAT for a Word document that provides you the format for your primary source activity.
Resources for analyzing primary sources can be found at the end of this page.
Assignments and Due Dates: 
You can learn about teaching with objects at the History Teaching Institue resource page, TEACHING WITH_OBJECTS
The activity based on a seminar theme is due at the next seminar so that you can use the content you 
learned and the resources you received in developing the activity.
Note that these themes are general and you can be broad in your interpretation and scope in defining 
the relationship between your activity and the theme. Create something that you can use with your 
The assignments will be turned in via email so that a selection of these can be easily posted to the 
project website. Please email the assignment as a Word file or PDF to Stuart at hobbs.2@osu.edu
and to your Lead Teacher (see Handout ). 
Your activity can be a part of a larger lesson or major unit to be completed over several days. The 
scope is less important than that the analysis of primary source materials is at the heart of it.
If you have questions about the assignments, please contact Stuart at any time.
Where can you find Primary Sources? 
  •  The resource CDs from the seminars.
  •  Quality web resources linked on the resource CDs and the Connecting to the Past website. 
  •  Books containing primary sources you will receive.
  •  Your local library or historical society.
You can get help finding additional sources in the OHS collections by contacting the Educational Partnerships & Outreach office: 
Betsy Hedler, at ehedler@ohiohistory.org  /  (614) 297-2538
Here are some resources you can use to help students look closely at and understand primary sources:

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