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Irish Immigration to the United States

Grade Level:   7- 8th grade

Estimated duration of lesson:    One class period in computer lab.  One evening homework.  One period class time discussion.
Primary Source used. 
Political Cartoon: "Uncle Sam's Lodging House"
Source: Puck
Date: June 7, 1882
Artist: J. Keppler
Summary of the lesson : Brief overview of the how various immigrant groups have been accepted with a focus upon the Irish. Discussion of the melting pot concept of immigration and how it compares to the ‘salad bowl’ concept of immigration.  Discussion of what it means to be a citizen of a country.
Description of the instructional steps to implement the lesson : Lecture on the growing North and how industrialization caused a boom in immigration to the Northeast United States.  Individual internet research beginning with the sites listed on the handout.
A post-assessment and its scoring guideline :  In-class discussion of student opinions and research.  Comparing and contrasting how the various immigrant groups have been treated.  List factors that determine how an immigrant group will be treated.
Materials needed :  Interpreting primary source: Reading Editorial Cartoons handout,  Cartoon handout, List of  Key Vocabulary, Overhead maps indication indicating major areas of immigration between 1840-1860, webquest handout

Lesson by: Kevin Walton
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June 2010

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