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The American Revolution

Grade 4

The Molasses Act and the Coming of the American Revolution

The Boston Massacre

The Revolution in the Ohio Country. Students explore the experience of soldiers at Fort Laurens, the only Revolutionary War site in Ohio.

Fort Laurens, Ohio, and the American Revolution Another look at the Revoluion through the only Revolutionary War site in Ohio.

Articles of the Confederation Vs. The U.S. Constitution

Comparison of King George III and George Washington


Grade 5

Spies and Espionage. Students explore the secret world of the American Revolution

Daily Life of Revolutionary War Soldiers: An Artifact Analysis

Ohio during the Pre-Revolutionary Era

Revolutionary Songs


Grade 6

Compare and Contrast Georges


Grade 7

An ode to the American Revolution (1788): Using Poetry to Teach History

Tarring and Feathering


Grade 8

The Boston Massacre 1. Students compare eyewitness accounts of the trouble in Boston in 1770.

The Boston Massacre 2. Students evaluate Paul Revere's famous engraving of the Boston Massacre by comparing the print with eyewitness accounts of the events in Boston on that day 1770.

Common Sense. Here you will find two approaches to a guided reading of Thomas Paine's revolutionary pamphlet. One calls for students to read the entire document, the other an excerpt.

The Declaration of Independence. Students will engage in a close reading of the Declaration of Independence. The document is framed as a break-up letter.

Revolutionary War Maps

Tarring and Feathering

The American Revolution

Common Sense and the Declaration of Independence

George Washington

The Battle of Trenton



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For your participation in Connecting to the Past, you have earned Three Graduate Non-Degree Credit Semester Hours from the Ohio State University.

For an official record of those hours, you may request a transcript from Ohio State. Those credits will be posted after August 20, 2012.

To get a transcript, you must order it on-line.

Note: Only YOU can order a transcript. Entities that cannot order your transcript include: The History Teaching Institute, Tri-County Educational Service Center, the Ohio Historical Society, and the Connecting to the Past program

Before ordering a transcript, please read the Overview and proceed through the tabs, "Payment" "Authorization" and "Pricing." To order transcript, you will click on the "Start My Order" button on the upper right of the screen accessed at the link above. Note that your credit is being assigned in the Summer Semester 2012.


Document-based whole-class discussion is a classroom activity where students engage in the interpretation and reconciliation of multiple historical documents. Rather than a heated debate, the classroom dynamic resembles a deliberative seminar, where the teacher plays an active role in facilitating student participation.

You can download a detailed description, with handouts. Another teaching resource from your friends at teachinghistory.org

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