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Ohio during the Pre- Revolutionary Era

Grade Level:   Fifth grade

 Estimated duration of the lesson:  one to two days

 Content Standard/ Grade level indicators:  History, Growth  6.  Explain the impact of settlement, industrialization and transportation on the expansion of the United States.

 Primary Sources:

The Journal of Nicholas Cresswell, 1774-1777, Chapter VII, pp. 104-107. American Memory, Library of Congress.

The Moravian Mission Diaries of David Zeisberger, 1772-1781, pp. 282-283

 Lesson summary:  Through the use of two primary sources written during the same time period the students will gain a better understanding of life on the Ohio Frontier during the pre-revolutionary era. 

 Instructional steps to the lesson: 

First the students will be divided into two groups. Then students will read and analyze the two primary sources provided. Each group will complete a document analysis worksheet.  One person per group will be asked to share their information to the entire class.  One person will also be the writer and complete an overhead that can be shared with the class.  From these analyses each student will individually complete a compare and contrast paper.  After a set amount of time or another day the class will review the compare/contrast papers and complete a class Venn Diagram.  This will help to review the different comparisons and contrasts that were uncovered.  Discussions will be encouraged.

Worksheets needed:  Document Analysis worksheet and Compare and contrast worksheet

Teacher materials:  Large Venn diagram for final class explanation


created by Launie Shaw

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