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Fort Laurens, Ohio, and the American Revolution

Core Theme: Creating the New Nation: The Revolution and Constitutional Development

Grade Level:  4

Estimated Duration of Lesson:  30 minute class period

Standards & Indicators:
     Study Skills and Methods #3:  Use primary and secondary sources to answer questions about Ohio History.
     Geography #1:  Use a linear scale to measure the distance between places on a map.
     Geography #2:  Use cardinal and intermediate directions to describe the relative location of places.
Primary Sources Used: 
     The following links are of various key stops at the Fort Laurens Battlefield in Bolivar.

       Photograph of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier:  CHECK THESE LINKS
      Map of Fort Laurens & photograph of the Fort Laurens museum
     Plus primary sources included in The Revolution in the Ohio Country lesson.

Lesson Summary:
     The students will take a “One-Tank-Trip” to Fort Laurens as a follow-up to our study of the Battle of Fort Laurens. (This lesson was created for Connecting to the Past 2009-2010 and is on the Connecting to the Past website. See Classroom Activities-American Revolution-The Revolution in the Ohio Country)

Instructional Steps to Implement the Lesson:

      Class Starter: Review information from the previous lesson on the significance of Fort Laurens in the Ohio Country. 

     Guided Lesson:  Using the photographs (I would put them into a Smart Notebook file), the students will “visit” Fort Laurens.  Discussion on the “trip” would include the significance of Fort Laurens.  Using our Ohio road maps the students would locate Fort Laurens historical site, map out route from Smithville to the site, and determine the distance traveled.
      Closing:  Think-Pair-Share Strategy (Students will share something they learned or found interesting.)

Post-Assessment and Scoring Guideline:
     Assessment would be teacher observation (anecdotal notes) and student participation.

Materials Needed by Teacher:
     Smart Notebook Lesson created from the photographs
     Ohio road map (on Smart Notebook)

Materials Needed by Students: 
      Ohio road map (provided by Ohio Department of Transportation)
      Highlighter (to highlight site and route)
      Calculators (to help add mileage from Smithville to Bolivar)

Extended Learning:
        Plan an actual field trip to Fort Laurens.

Lesson Plan Submitted By:
Nancy Dravenstott
Connecting to the Past
July 20, 2011

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