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2009-2010 Seminars and Field Trips Schedule

17 October 2009, Saturday

5 December Saturday
Seminar: Creating the New Nation: The American Revolution
Presenter: Richard Shiels

12 January 2010, Tuesday
Seminar: Constitutions and the Creation of the New Nation
Presenter: Les Benedict

23 February, Tuesday
Seminar: The Growth of the Nation: Westward Migration
Presenter: Margaret Sumner

13 March, Saturday
Seminar: The Growth of the Nation: Technological Development
Presenter: Ted Dahlstrand

17 April, Saturday
Fieldtrip: Growing the Nation
Location: Campus Martius Museum of the Northwest Territory, Marietta, Ohio

Depart on bus from Tri-County ESC at 8:30 AM. Return: 3:30 PM

12 May, Wednesday
Fieldtrip: Growing the Nation
Location: Hale Farm and the Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Latest News!

The Connecting to the Past Quilt

Remember making a history-themed quilt square at the Orientation? Molly has put them all together and taken a picture.

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