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Seminar: Constitutions and the Creation of the New Nation

Tuesday January 12, 2010

For information on presenter Michale Les Bendedict, click here.

For the Response to Reading Assignment, click here.


Preliminary Schedule of Events
9:00--Announcements/Ice Breaker
9:30--Seminar Presentation: Constitutions and the Creation of the New Nation
            Dr. M. Les Benedict, The Ohio State University
11:30--Taking it to the Classroom: Lead Teachers Lead discussion with teachers
12:45--Primary Source Activity
     Betsy Hedler, Project Curator, Ohio Historical Society
2:00--Presentation from Lead Teacher Bruce Hershberger
3:00--Head for Home

Latest News!

The Connecting to the Past Quilt

Remember making a history-themed quilt square at the Orientation? Molly has put them all together and taken a picture.

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