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SEMINAR: Creating the New Nation: The American Revolution

December 5, 2009

 For information on presenter Dr. Richard Shiels, click here.

For the Response to Reading Assignment due at the seminar, click here.

Seminar Agenda

8:30  Refreshments

9:00  Announcements/Ice Breaker

9:30  Seminar Presentation: The American Revolution
         Dr. Richard Shiels, The Ohio State University

11:30  Taking it to the Classroom: Lead Teachers Lead discussion with teachers

Noon  Lunch

12:45  Primary Source Activity
           Betsy Hedler, Project Curator, Ohio Historical Society

1:45 Break

2:00  The American Revolution in the Classroom
          Lead Teacher Ethan Hamilton

2:45   Evaluation

3:00  Head for Home

Latest News!

The Connecting to the Past Quilt

Remember making a history-themed quilt square at the Orientation? Molly has put them all together and taken a picture.

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