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2010 Summer Institute

Summer Institute Theme: Peopling the New World

To be held at the Ohio State University main campus in Columbus. Our meetings will be held in Royer Activity Center. Meals will be served in the North Commons.  For information about the dining hall, the dorms, parking, and other OSU guest information, policies and procedures, look here.

Room and board at OSU will be provided and commuting is an option. Boarders will be staying in Archer House.  

For a copy of the information packet mailed on 28 May 1010, click HERE.

For a list of the readings and the Response to Reading assignment, click HERE.

For more information on the Summer Institute Project,  go to this page.  

For a list of the Summer Institute Project Groups, click here.

For the map of closed and open entrances and exits to State Route 315 in the OSU area, click here.

Look here for updates on State Route 315 construction.

For additional Summer Institute Information, go  here.


Here is a Summer Institute Schedule you can download and print.

Monday: June 21
10 AM: orientation to Summer Institute
11: AM: Brad Lepper, Ohio Historical Society, on Native Americans, part 1
Noon: Lunch
1 PM: Brad Lepper on Native Americans, part 2
2 PM: primary source activity-Betsy
3 PM: complete check-in; small group work
Tuesday: June 22
9 AM: Welcome, announcements
9:15: Roundtable Discussion: Spanish, French, and British Colonies in North America. Ken Andrien, Alan Gallay, and Margaret Newell, OSU 
11:45: Lunch
1 PM: Lead Teacher Presentation 
2 PM small group work
Wednesday: June 23
Field Trip Day
Attend Tecumseh outdoor drama
Stay over in Chillicothe, Best Western Hotel 
Thursday: June 24
8:15 am depart Chillicothe for Columbus
10 to Noon: Immigration in 19th Century America, Judy Wu, OSU
Noon: lunch
1 PM: Primary source activity, OHS Project Curator
2 PM: small group work
Friday: June 25
9 to 11 AM: teachers present projects
11 AM: final evaluation
Noon: Lunch
Check-out from rooms

Latest News!

The Connecting to the Past Quilt

Remember making a history-themed quilt square at the Orientation? Molly has put them all together and taken a picture.

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