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2011 Summer Institute: The American Revolution and the Constitution

NOTE: This page contains information about the 2011 Summer Institute. Information about the 2012 Institute will be posted presently.

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Please read all of the follwoing information carefully!

Three things you will need from Stuart: make sure you have them before the institute:

1. The Transportation and Parking Quick Info Guide is your map to campus locations and parking.

2. The Campus Area Bus Service (CABS) map. This will help you take the 5 minute bus ride from the dorm to the Ohio Union and back again, if you choose to use the service

3. Parking Pass. You will receive this in the mail in early June. 
* Please hang it from your rearview mirror during the Institute
* Please do not alter it in anyway (such as by scratching off a date)
* Entitles you to park in student spaces labeled “C” and colored “Green.”
* NOT acceptable in parking garages, at parking meters, or at parking spaces higher on the parking hierarchy—“B” and especially not “A,” which is for faculty.

The above items (except the parking passes) were distributed at the March 15th seminar. The remaining contents of this page also includes the information that was distributed at that time.

There are Green Parking lots along Lane Avenue. See the Transportation and Parking map and look for green lots. (Sometimes Traffic and Parking closes lots for resurfacing during the summer, so be prepared for surprises).

There are many Green parking spaces on West Campus, at the top of the Parking Map. To get to Main Campus from West Campus, just hop on a CABS bus--they run every 11 minutes from West Campus. To ride CABS you just hop on--no money or ID required. Find out more about CABS below.

Here is an on-line map in PDF form that you can use to find parking.

Check In
You can check any time after 8 AM at Royer Activities Center, Building 183.

Tell the staff in Royer that you are with Connecting to the Past, and they will give you your meal card. If you are Boarder, they will give you your room key, also, and you may check into your room.

Jones Tower: Dormitory for Residential Scholars
For those who are residing on campus, you will be staying in Jones Tower, Building 267.
* The mailing address for those staying on campus is: Your Name, Connecting to the Past, c/o Conference Services, P.O. Box 3756, Columbus, OH 43210.
* Bed linens will be provided. Bring your own towels.
* The dorm is air conditioned
* Phones have been removed from the rooms, but of course, cell phones work, which is what the student's use.

Here is a link to the Boarder Sign-Up Form

Here is a link to a REVISED MAP with driving directions to Royer and Jones Tower (they are adjacent) (A road has closed for reconstruction, so the directions have been changed)


The Ohio Union 

The Ohio Union will be the location for our on campus meetings. It is building 161 on your map. It is about ¾ of a mile from Jones/Royer.

See HERE for a floor plan indicating the room locations described below.

Monday: Our first session will begin at 10 AM on June 20 in the Creative Arts Room on the Lower Level of the Union.

On Tuesday and Wednesday we will meet in the Creative Arts Room at 9 AM for Institute programs.

The Friday session will be begin at 9 AM and be held in the Senate Chamber on the Second Floor of the Union.

Getting to the Union (and back) By Campus Area Bus Service (CABS) You don't have to walk to the Union--you can take a CABS bus. However, because of road construction, the stops are a few blocks further from your dormatory than they used to be. Pick-up a CAMPUS LOOP NORTH bus on W. 18th Ave. at the Parking Gate near College Road, or around the corner from there in front of Stillman Hall.  The buses run every 11 minutes. It stops right in front of the Union in about three minutes. To ride CABS buses you just hop on—no money or ID required. 

You can find more information about CABS Here.  And here is a link to the Revised Route Map that supercedes what you received earlier.

To get back to Jones Tower, catch a CAMPUS LOOP SOUTH bus across the street from the Union. Get off at the Taylor Tower stop east of Jones, or the Dracket Stop west of Jones--sorry, no stop right at Jones.


Participants will receive pre-paid cards that allow you to eat in OSU dining halls.

North Commons: This dining hall, Building 192 on the map, is next door to Jones. Especially for Boarders, this could be a good option for breakfast.

The Ohio Union: There are several dining options here, which are particularly recommended for lunch (and breaks and dinner).

For our fieldtrips, various charter buses will pick us up.
* Tuesday, 2:30 PM: Depart from an area near Jones Tower. Exact details forthcoming
Ohio Judicial Center; Ohio Statehouse
* Wednesday, 1:15 PM: Depart from an area near Jones Tower. Exact details forthcoming
Ohio Historical Society
* Thursday, 9 AM: Depart from an area near Jones Tower. Exact details forthcoming
Adena, the Home of Thomas Worthington ; The Ross County Historical Society

Internet Access
You will be given an OSU guest wireless account for your laptop.

You can also use the computers in the lab on the northwest corner of the Main Library (building 50 at the West end of the Oval) without log-in. (not all computers on campus are so accessible)

For more information
contact Stuart Hobbs at hobbs.2@osu.edu or 614-688-3092


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