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Fieldtrip: The Newark Earthworks

Monday, 14 May 2012: Remember--your school can be reimbursed for your substitute: use the form HERE

Reading before trip:
from Hero Hawk, & Open Hand
Brad Lepper, "The Newark Earthworks: Monumental Geometry & Astronomy at a Hopewellian Pilgrimage Center," pp. 73-81. 
Look: The Hopewell artifacts pictured on pp. 56-66.
*Note: This fieldtrip involves walking in the out of doors. Please wear comfortable shoes and be prepared for rain or shine!

*Note that we are leaving at 8:30 AM!

*Note that this fieldtrip takes place on a Monday!

8:30: Depart by bus from Tri-County ESC
10:00: Arrive at the Great Circle
10:55 Travel to Circle and Octagon
11:10: Tour Circle and Octagon with Dr. Lepper
11:50: Travel to OSU Newark
12:05: Lunch at OSU Newark
12:40: Primary Source Activity
1:30: Depart for Wooster
3 PM: Arrive Wooster
Additional Resources:
Hopewell Archaeology Newsletter, National Park Service
"Visiting Newark Earthworks." Archaeology, the Archaeological Institute of America
"The Newark Earthworks," by Malin Grunberg Banyasz, Archaeology, the Archaeological Institute of America


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