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Production Team:

Lucy Caswell, Professor and Curator, Cartoon Research Library

Stuart Hobbs, Director, History Teaching Institute

Jenny Robb, Assistant Professor and Associate Curator, Cartoon Research Library

Mitchell Shelton, Site Development and Design

David Staley, Director, Goldberg Center for Excellence in Teaching

Master Teachers:

Dan Harris, Olentangy High School

Debbie Harry, Olentangy High School

Gaven Jones, Olentangy High School

Tom King, Heath High School

Evan Smith, Marysville High School

Ben Snedeker, Northridge High School

Matt Dunham, Heritage Middle School

Birti Hardie, Jones Middle School

Sabrina Kilbourne, Preservice Teacher

Joan McKown, Lucas High School

Ann Matney, Scott High School

Henry Stobbs, Mohawk High School

The Opper Project is made possible in part by grants from Michael and Susan Kahn, with additional support from the The Ohio State University Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum and the Goldberg Center for Excellence in Teaching.

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Usage and Copyright:

All lesson plans, handouts, worksheets and other textual content on this website are copyright © The Ohio State University Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum.  Cartoons are in the public domain unless otherwise noted.

Permitted non-profit educational uses of images and materials on this website include: distribution to classes, projection in the classroom, posting on unrestricted educational web sites, printouts as personal research notes, printouts to illustrate student papers or drafts of faculty papers, and projected illustration for presentations at conferences. Permitted uses do NOT include: printed publication in scholarly publications, printed publication in publicity materials, commercial uses of any type, or any other uses. All uses should contain the acknowledgement: From the Opper Project.