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Picturing History Lesson Plans

Cartoon Activity Assignment

You will create a classroom activity focused on getting students to analyze editorial cartoons as primary sources. It should also be something that you can use in your classroom.

Due: August 15, 2011


Click HERE for instructions on the format in a Word document you can use to structure your lesson.

The activity should use cartoons from the collections of the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum, the readings/handouts, and/or websites.  

Consider using a variety of primary sources in addition to the cartoons. These can include photographs, newspaper articles, archival documents, and other visual sources, such as artworks, maps, or drawings.

Your Cartoon Activity must follow one of the following formats:

* Compare and Contrast. Must use three or more cartoons that when brought together and analyzed create insight.

* Sources that illustrate points of view and/or bias. Find three or more cartoons for students to analyze and compare and contrast the points of view presented.

* Creating Historic Narrative. Bring together three to five different cartoons and ask students to create a narrative or answer an historic question with those sources

Your activity should include a method for students to analyze the cartoons. For example, you might

* Use the Spiral Questions format

* Use or adapt an Editorial Cartoon Analysis Worksheet

Your activity should include some sort of product or outcome.

Your activity can be a part of a larger lesson or major unit to be completed over several days. The scope is less important than that the analysis of cartoons and related primary source materials is at the heart of it.

The assignments will be turned in via email so that a selection of these can be easily posted to the project website. Please email the assignment as a Word file or PDF to Kristina Ward at ward.768@osu.edu and to Lead Teachers Jenny Robb at robb.41@osu.edu and Lucy Caswell at caswell.2@osu.edu. Word or text files on disk will also be acceptable.