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The Great War in Global Context: Evaluation

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In order to evaluate the results of the Institute, participants will be sent a survey prior to their attendance in order to gather information about knowledge of content and use of primary sources in the classroom. 

The evaluator will attend the last day of the Institute, observing the sessions, and conducting a brief focus group session with participants at the end of the program in which they review their experience. The evaluator will write a two-page narrative assessment of the Institute. Teacher content knowledge will also be evaluated at the conclusion of the Institute. 

Through a follow-up survey and a web-meeting in January 2011, participants will discuss the curricula they created as a result of the Institute and evaluate its effect on their professional development. 

Dr. Matt Courser will serve as the outside evaluator for the project. Dr. Courser is an evaluation consultant and Associate Research Scientist at Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation. He has considerable experience evaluating professional development programs for teachers.

The project objectives and outcomes and the means to evaluate them are as follows:

* Teachers have greater content knowledge regarding the history of World War I as shown by scores on a pre- and post-test
* Teachers have enhanced skills to teach the history of World War I, as reported in follow-up evaluation and discussion
* Teachers use primary sources regularly/consistently in classroom instruction, as reported in follow-up evaluation and discussion
* Teachers possess greater confidence in their ability to teach history, as reported in follow-up evaluation and discussion
* Teachers continue to use of primary source materials and project-gained content knowledge in their classrooms, as reported in follow-up evaluation and discussion
* Schools and teachers outside project area make use of project-created resources based on records of visits to the HTI website and the posted lessons.