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The Great War in Global Context and the Ohio Academic Content Standards


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The Content of this website address the following Benchmarks and Grade Level Indicators from the Ohio Academic Content Standards.
 Benchmark D. Connect developments related to World War I with the onset of World War II.
Grade Level Indicators: 9th Grade. 20th Century Conflict.
7. Analyze the causes and effects of World War I with emphasis on:
a.   Militarism, imperialism, nationalism and alliances;
b.   The global scope, outcomes and human costs of the war;
c.   The role of new technologies and practices including the use of poison gas, trench warfare, machine guns, airplanes, submarines and tanks;
d.   The Treaty of Versailles and the League of Nations.
8. Analyze the causes and consequences of the Russian Revolution including:
b.   The impact of World War I
9. Assess the global impact of post-World War I economic, social and political turmoil including:
a.   Disarmament;
b.   Worldwide depression;
c.   Colonial rebellion;
d.   Rise of militarist and totalitarian states in Europe and Asia.