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Lewis and Clark Etching

Core Theme: Growing the Nation: Westward Expansion
Grade Level: 6
Estimated Duration of Lesson: 1 class period (50 minutes)
Standards & Indicators:
     Study Skills and Methods #3: Use primary and secondary sources to answer questions.
Primary Source Used:
Lesson Summary:
     Analyzing the Lewis and Clark etching, students will answer a set of spiral questions.
Instructional Steps to Implement the Lesson:
      Students will answer questions using the Think, Pair, Share strategy. 
First, students will analyze the etching and answer the spiral questions independently. 
Students will then work with a partner to discuss etching and their answers to the questions together. They will add information to their answers based on the partner discussion. 
Finally, students will share ideas from partner discussions with the whole class.
After the whole class discussion, students will complete response starter to reflect on what they have learned from the etching, questions and/or discussion.
Post-Assessment and Scoring Guideline:
      Students will write a response using a response starter of their choice. Each response will be evaluated for content as well as complete sentences. The response will be worth 5 points total. 
Materials Needed by Teacher:
     2) response starters
Materials Needed by Students:
      1) copy of the Lewis and Clark etching
      2) spiral questions 
Extended Learning:
       Students will create their own question(s) based on the Lewis & Clark etching. 

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