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Can He Get Across?

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Can He Get Across?

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Charles Henry Sykes



Publication Date:
September 1912


The 1912 Presidential election was a three-way contest:

  • WilliamHoward Taft, the incumbent president, represented the Republican Party,symbolized by the Elephant.
  • WoodrowWilson, the reform governor of New Jerseyand former president of Princeton University, was theDemocratic candidate, symbolized by the Donkey.
  • TheodoreRoosevelt, the former Republican president (1901-1909), ran on theProgressive Party ticket, symbolized by the Bull Moose.

As a third party, the Progressives under Roosevelt's leadership had to find supporters within both existing parties. Roosevelt also had to establish a political stance on all of the important issues, , but each decision he made alienated some segment of the voting population.

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