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Why Is It Nobody Loves Me?

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Why Is It Nobody Loves Me?

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J. Campbell Cory



Publication Date:
July 1912


The 1912 Presidential election was a three-way contest:

  • WilliamHoward Taft, the incumbent president, represented the Republican Party,symbolized by the Elephant.
  • WoodrowWilson, the reform governor of New Jerseyand former president of Princeton University, was the Democraticcandidate, symbolized by the Donkey.
  • TheodoreRoosevelt, the former Republican president (1901-1909), ran on theProgressive Party ticket, symbolized by the Bull Moose.

Roosevelt lost the Republican nomination to Taft in the summer of 1912. Roosevelt bolted from his party to join other anti-Taft forces in the Progressive Party. Taft, the sitting president, quickly moved to the sidelines as the real contest became that between TR and Wilson.

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