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Unit Plans

Participants in Central Asia in World History created plans and activities for lessons in World History, World History AP, Geography, Family and Consumer Science, English, Journalism, Media Studies, and Global Studies.

Grades 9-12:

Nomadic Tribes of Central Asia by Rebecca Daull

Islamicization of Central Asia/Christianization of Rus' by Elzabeth Forman

Central Asia in World History and Human Geography by Angela Guldin

Abrahamic Monotheistic Religions by Gregory Hause

Impact of the Environment on Eurasian Steppe Nomads by Damon Jasperson

Exploring Central Asia in World History by Kristin Kowalew

Conflict in the Classical World: Persians and Scythians by Timothy Ortopan

An Infographic History of Central Asia by Micah Richardson

Significant Empires by Erin Rountree

Document Study on Turco-Muslim Encounters in Central Asia, 600CE-1450CE by Jonathan Seyfried

Stalinist Collectivization and Atomic Testing in Kazakhstan by William Thomas

Journey Along the Modern-Day Silk Road by Regina Zafonte

Grades 6-8 and 9-12:

Trippin' - The Silk Road(s) as Cultural Conduits by Brenda Bonine

Judiasm, Christianity and Islam by Christy Davis

Google Earth Lit Trips: Gateway to Central Asia by Kai Nelson

Literature: A Gateway into Central Asia (slideshow) by Kai Nelson

The People Project: The Nomadic Steppe Influence in the 13th – 15th Century by Mary Norton

Dumplings Across Central Asia and Accompanying Slideshow by Janice Yap




Central Asia in World History