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The Scientific Revolution: Science & Society from the Renaissance to the Early Enlightenment: Lesson Plans


The Scientific Revolution resulted from a monumental series of discoveries, especially those in astronomy and related fields, in the 16th and 17th centuries. The impact of these discoveries went far beyond the walls of the laboratory—it created a genuine revolution in the way Western people thought about the world. Participants in this institute will study how the revolution in science and technology was directly linked to revolutions in religion, politics, and society. They will read selections from Kepler, Galileo, and Newton, and see examples of the books they published to spread their ideas.

Here you will find a variety of lesson plans using primary sources. Many of these lessons reference documents, images, and itmes you can find on the Historical Resources page of this website. They were all created by classroom teachers.


Here are some resources to help your students to analyze primary sources:

The Spiral Questions format

Here is a Dcoument Anaylsis Worksheetorksheet (and here as a Word Document you can edit )

Here is a Image Analysis Worksheet (and again as a Word Docuement you can edit).

Here is an Artifact Analysis Worksheet

Click on the link to View  A powerpoint Overview of the Scientific Revolution. (the presentation will open in SlideShare).

Garde 5 Lesson Plans

"Standing on the Shoulders of Giants": Major Figures of the Scientific Revolution


Grade 6, 7, 8 Lesson Plans

Go straight to the Source: Newton and Wilkins


High School (9-12) Lesson Plans

The Scientific Revolution: An Overview

The Scientific Revolution: Picturing a Worldview

The Scientific Revolution: Another Overview Lesson

Where in the Universe is the Earth?

Walking the Historical Path: Chemistry's Journey from Ancients to Alchemy to Modern Science

The Development of Atomic Theory

Galileo and the Scientific Method

“From White Light to Rainbow Brite”: Sir Isaac Newton and Optics

Emblematic Images in the Scientific Revolution

Witchcraft in Salem

Religion and the Scientific Revolution: Copernicus, Kepler  Galileo, and Bacon

The Trial of Galileo

Revolutionary Thinkers from the Scientific Revolution to the Enlightenment

From Scientific Revolution to Enlightenment

The Scientific Revolution to the Enlightenment: A Baseball Card Project 


This project was made possible by a generous grant from the Ohio Humanities Council.

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