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The Impact of the Great War on Youth

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Grade Level: 9-12

Duration: One to two class periods

Content Standards: (Revised Standards): Modern World History Course Syllabus. Topic: Achievements and Crises (1900-1945). Content Statements 14 & 15.

Lesson Description: Primary source documents provide unique opportunities for exploring the past. The diary entries from three young people who lived during the World War I used in this activity will provide students a richer view of the past than they can get from just reading their text book.

Sources: Diary entries from Piete Kuhr and Yves Congar can be found in Intimate Voices from the First World War, edited by Svetlana Palmer and Sarah Wallis.

Diary entries from Louise Hancock: http://escrapbooking.com/louise/connections.htm#6
Instructional Steps can be found in a pdf file HERE.
Student worksheets to use to analyze the texts and photos can be found in a pdf file HERE.
Created by Terry Mulgrew