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Industrial Revolution in America

By VonBerg, Eric C.

Subject: World history/American History


*This lesson is project-based and will take several days to complete.


Standards:   RH.9-10.1:  Cite specific textual evidence to support analysis of primary & secondary sources, attending to such features as the date & origin of the information.  WHST 9-10.9:  Draw evidence from informational text/websites to support analysis, reflection, and research.



1.  Discussion of Industrial Revolution & working conditions in USA.

2.  Power Point presentation.

3.  Discussion.

4.  Vocabulary in context clue sentences.

5.  Introduction of website http://trianglefire.ilr.cornell.edu/

6.  Project directions and format.





Lesson Objective: I can analyze information from primary documents/website creating a baseball card project from gathering 3 primary sources, 2 spiraling questioning worksheets, a map, a narrative, and create a death epitaph on a real individual from Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire.








 Note: A variety of formative assessments should be used at key points throughout the lesson.


5 min

Get started/Drill/Do Now: (What meaningful activity will students complete as soon as they enter the classroom?)

View headline of Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire and have them write their opinion of what they see.

Writing samples graded and corrected.

10 min

Engage/Motivation: (How will student interest be sparked?  Is there prior knowledge that should be tapped?  Is there vocabulary that must be cleared?  Is there brainstorming that student need to complete before the lesson begins?)

View Power Point Presentation.


20 min

Whole Group Instruction: (Focus lessons [explicit teaching/modeling, strategy demonstration, activate prior knowledge], shared reading, shared writing, discussion, writing process.) 

Visit cornell.edu/triangle website.   Introduce vocabulary in contextual sentences as a pre-test.

Take notes for project and observe the teachers’ model.

Complete vocabulary pre-test/context clues.




Group Practice/Small Group Instruction: (teacher-facilitated group discussion, student or teacher-led collaboration, student conferencing, re-teaching or intervention, writing process)

Go thru with handouts, spiral questioning worksheets, primary source worksheets, and baseball card project instructions.


Completion of worksheets.


90 min

Independent Practice: (individual practice, discussion, writing process.)

Lab time to complete project/information gathering and completion of worksheets.  Gathering of sources.


Validation of sources.



Evaluate Understanding/Assessment: (How will I know if students have achieved today’s objective?) Creation and completion with accuracy the questioning working worksheets, primary sources validated, and proper format of baseball card project.


Rubric to be used by peers to evaluate baseball card.



Closing Activities/Summary: (How will I tie up loose ends, reinforce/revisit the objective and connect the lesson to the unit?)

Discussion on what the students discovered and the impact of working conditions that effect employers/employees today.  Also presentation of epitaphs.



Enrichment/Extension/Re-teaching/Accommodations: (How will my lesson satisfy the needs of all learners?)  Scaffolding, extra time, model summarization of main points, connections to Industrial Revoltuion.




Resources/Instructional Materials Needed:

Worksheets:  (Primary Sources, Spiral), map blanks, 4.25 x 5.5 card stock paper, LCD projector, lab time, project instructions and PowerPoint presentation. (Download PowerPoint Presentation.)