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Lesson Plans: The Great War in Global Context


The Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

Why Did they Fight?

The Soldier's Experience through Primary Sources

Life in the Trenches: Photograph Analysis

Letters Home from the Front 

The Impact of the Great War on Youth

A Soldier’s Voice from World War I: Gallipoli

World War I from the German Side: Recruitment Posters & the Letters of Paul Hubb

The Great War and the People it Affected

The Human Cost of War: The Art of Kathe Kollwitz

Nationalism & Propaganda: Analyzing Primary Resources from World War I

Sheet Music in the Great War (or, The Fun Propaganda Tool)

The Great War in Poetry

The United States Enters World War I: Analyzing Contemporary Sources in Order to Understand the Arguments for and Against

The Experiences of African Americans in World War I


Analyzing Primary Sources

These lessons all make use of primary sources. Most make use of some sort of primary source analysis worksheet, which is provided. Follow this link to the US National Archives for a page where you can download primary source analysis forms to use with documents, photos, maps, sound recordings, and many other primary sources.

PowerPoint Presentations

The following powerpoint presentations cover various aspects of World War I. They were created by Art Lewandowski of Fostoria High school (see also the lesson above, "Why Did they Fight?")

Causes of World War I

World War I: Total War

The United States Enters World War I

The US Homefront During World War I

National Security vs. Liberty: The US Homefront

The US and World War I: Social Change