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American Revolution - Image Analysis

Lesson Plan


Created by Daryl Lepley


Surrender of General Burgoyne


Grade Level:

8th Grade

Lesson Duration:

About 25-30 minutes


History:  E: 04 
Explain the results of important developments of the American Revolution including:
  a. A declaration of American independence;
  b. Character and significance of the military struggle in the North in the early years of the war and the shift of the battle to the South after 1779;


Primary Sources:

Images: Surrender at Burgoyne and Representation du Feu Terrible a Nouvelle Yorck

Summary of the Lesson:

Students will be given questions sheet and they will be given primary document sheet.  The students will examine the two given pictures and answer corresponding questions and make logical inferences using the pictures as their source of information.

Instructional Steps to implementing Lesson:

After receiving the materials from the instructor, the students will spend 11 minutes in individual reflection.  During this time, they will jot down their ideas about the given pictures.  When the time expires, they will work with a seat buddy to compare their information and they will make a final analysis on the two given pictures.  



Post-assessment and scoring guideline: 

Answers should be judged on clarity, logic, and reasoning.

Materials Need by teacher:

Questions on Image Analysis Worksheet

Materials need by students:

The students need something to write with and possibly their notebooks and/or their textbook.

Ideas/Key Vocabulary:

a.  Saratoga
b.  New York
c.  John Burgoyne
d.  Years during the battle 1775-1776 through 1783