Nationalism & Propaganda: Analyzing Primary Resources from World War I


French Propaganda Poster

Lesson Plan


Grade Level:

9th World Studies


3 Class periods (43 minutes)

Ohio Content Standards:

History Benchmark D. GLI #7.a



Primary Sources:

Color photos from the First World War
Intimate Voices From the First World War edited by Svetlana Palmer & Sarah Wallis (2004) p.42-48, 307-308

Other Sources:

Movie – All Quiet on the Western Front (1930)


Students will examine the Great War through primary and secondary sources with an emphasis on different viewpoints and types of mediums. Areas to be examined are diaries, propaganda posters, and photographs. Worksheets will be given for these assignments and discussed in class. Students will then choose their own medium to demonstrate views of the different countries and the impact the Great War on individuals.
Day One 
1) Students will view short video on U.S. propaganda posters
2) Students will then go to bookmarked websites and view posters from Germany & Great Britain
3) Students will analyze a poster they choose from these two countries
Day Two
1) Students will view two short clips from All Quiet on the Western Front (1930)
    A) Teacher’s nationalist recruitment propaganda
    B) Discussion of who wants or started the war
2) Short discussion on messages or intent of both clips
3) Pass out excerpts from Intimate Voices: Piete Kuhrp, pp. 42-48, & Yves Congar, 307-308.
Day Three
1) Have students fill out analysis worksheets on Piete & Yves’diary entries
2) Discuss why their viewpoints differ
Day Four
1) Students will make their own propaganda poster, choosing a side of the conflict.


Will be based on analysis worksheets, class discussions and student propaganda poster
Here is a Rubric for the poster project. 
Created by Carolyn Rofkar
Northview High School
Sylvania City Schools, Ohio