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Origins: Current Events in Historical Perspective is an online magazine created jointly by The Ohio State University and Miami University Departments of History. Along with podcasts, articles, book reviews and other content, the site houses secondary and middle childhood lesson plans created by the pre-service teachers in the Social Studies M.Ed. program and Middle Childhood Education M.Ed. and B.S.Ed. Both licensure programs are part of the Department of Teaching and Learning at The Ohio State University.

Many of the lessons contain a high level of detail as they work to develop pre-service teacher thinking about their teaching and instructional choices while they are learning the planning process. The pre-service teachers are committed to excellence in teaching social studies and to using current events to help middle and high school students engage with historical content. Each lesson utilizes an Origins article and connects the topic with the New Ohio Learning Standards for Social Studies. The lesson plans vary in grade level, content, academic skills, use of technology, and instructional strategies.

The lesson plans are available on the Origins web site here.