U.S. Constitution: The Bill of Rights

Lesson Plan

Bill of Rights

Grade Level: 


Lesson Summary: 

Students will examine the Bill of Rights of the US Constitution.


Estimated duration of lesson: 

Two 45 minute sessions

Ohio Content Standards: 

5th Grade Social Studies:  Government:  Benchmark A.  GLI #2e., Benchmark B   GLI #3,Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities Benchmark B GLI # 2, 3

Primary Source: 


Materials Needed by Teachers:

Copies of “The Bill of Rights”, index cards for exit tickets, chart paper for murals, marker for murals

Materials needed by students:

Pencils, copy of “The Bill of Rights”, chart paper, index cards, markers

Instructional Steps:

1.  Have students examine the Bill of Rights on overhead and individual copies.
2. Share observations, connections made, and what students thoughts are of document.
3.  Have students share answers.
4. Discuss what Bill of Rights is and its importance.
5. Give a quick summary of each amendment with examples to students’ real lives.
6. Pass out numbers of 1-10 written on file cards.  There should be 4 of each number.
7. Students will find their group with the matching number and will work together to create a mural with the amendment number, definition of the amendment, and an illustration to help students remember what the amendment means.
8.  Students present murals to class during second session.


Assess students by having them complete an “exit ticket”.  Students answer the following questions:
-What is the Bill of Rights?
-What is the importance of the Bill of Rights?
-Pick one amendment and explain it.
Evaluate exit ticket answers to see if students understand the purpose of the Bill of Rights.  They must also explain an amendment with evidence learned in lesson.  
Prepared by Abby Eldridge, Shelby, Ohio, City Schools.