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But the Old Tree Was a Mighty Good Producer

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But the Old Tree Was a Mighty Good Producer

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Herbert Johnson


Reprinted in Cartoons (Philadelphia: Lippencott, 1936)

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected in 1932 by a vast majority of the population who were unhappy with Herbert Hoover's handling of the crisis of the Great Depression. Hoover's adherence to traditional economic doctrine and his belief that the economy could eventually correct itself had become unpopular with the American people. Roosevelt showed a willingness to not only experiment with economic solutions, but also to try to fundamentally change American government to better protect the people. The New Deal focused on the "Three Rs": Relief, Recovery and Reform. Roosevelt's methods were highly experimental and innovative, and many observers were worried that his efforts would not only fail to solve the problem, but they might even make it worse.

The Ohio State University Cartoon Research Library