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Holding Council with the Indians


Captains Lewis and Clark holding council with the Indians, etching by Patrick Gass

Core Theme:

Growing the Nation: Westward Expansion

Grade Level:


Estimated Duration of Lesson:

2 class periods of 30 minutes

Standards & Indicators:

Study Skills and Methods #3: Use primary and secondary sources to answer questions.

Primary Source Used:

From: The Library of Congress.

Lesson Summary:

Analyzing the Lewis and Clark etching, students will answer a set of 

Instructional Steps to Implement the Lesson:

In groups of 4, students will be provided with a copy of the etching of Captains Lewis and Clark holding council with Indians. Each student will receive a copy of the Spiral Questions that can be answered using the etching. Students will use an activity, “Recharge & Write,” when responding to the Spiral Questions.

Post-Assessment and Scoring Guideline:

Students will complete a PMI. Each response is evaluated as a short answer response worth 2 points apiece.

Materials Needed by Teacher:

1) Method for grouping students in groups of 4
2) Cups for " for each group
3) Directions for  (copy for each group)

Materials Needed by Students:

1) Copy of the Lewis and Clark etching
2) Spiral Questions

Extended Learning:

Students will create their own question(s) based on the Lewis & Clark etching.