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Daily Life of Revolutionary War Soldiers: An Artifact Analysis

Lesson Plan

Created by Elizabeth Bowens

Revolutionary War camp stove


Core Theme to Which Lesson Relates:

Creating the Nation

Grade Level:


Estimated duration of lesson:

50 minutes

Content standard:

Grade 5, GLI 5: Explain how the United States became independent from Great Britain.

The Primary Source(s) used:

Photographs of a camp stove (Ohio History Connection. Collection Number: H 87303., Image Number – TAH 1401)

A summary of the lesson:

After several lessons about battles in the Revolutionary War, students will analyze the daily life of a Revolutionary War soldier and discuss whether their lives were similar to soldiers today.

Instructional Steps:

This lesson would take place after several lessons have already been taught concerning key battles in the American Revolution.  Students will already be aware of the many difficulties revolutionary soldiers faced.  With the entire class, create a Venn diagram discussing hardships faced by revolutionary soldiers compared to present day soldiers.  Are any of these hardships the same?  Divide students into small groups.  Distribute copies of the primary source artifact and the artifact analysis worksheet to each student.  Allow time for students to work with their group to discuss the questions and answer them.  When all groups are finished, come back as a whole group and discuss the results. 


The artifact analysis worksheet will be used to determine student performance with the activity.  Intervention will be offered to any struggling students.

List any materials needed by teachers:

1 copy of the   per student. 
1 copy of the  per student.

List any materials needed by students: