Galileo and the Scientific Method

Galilean Moons of Jupiter

(Galilean Moons of Jupiter)

Lesson Plan

Grade Level: 

Junior High-High School


Estimated Duration:

2 days

Content Standard:

Benchmark History 9-10 A) Explain connections between the ideas of the Enlightenment and changes in the relationships between citizens and their governments.

Materials need by Teacher: 

Teacher will need copies of attached primary sources and PowerPoint presentation, word search, and answer key.

Primary Sources:


Summary of Lesson:

Day 1- Brainstorming on what students know about Galileo will start the class.
PowerPoint introducing students to Galileo will be shared the first day, ending with questions that may arise. 
Day 2- Primary sources will be handed out. Students will use the Document Analysis Worksheet for each document (Trial Documents (1633) worksheet and Galileo Discovers the Moons of Jupiter (1610) worksheet).
Students may be divided into groups to study these sources, or all students study all documents.
Follow with a discussion with students, focused on the questions about the Scientific Method and the nature of Galileo’s conflict with authorities in the Roman Catholic Church. 
Conclude by handing out word search.
Assessment:  Evaluation of word search (word search key) and teacher assessment of  discussion participation.
Catherine Means, Licking Heights High School, Newark, Ohio