Council with the Indians

Lesson Plan

drawing of Lewis and Clark


Core Theme:

Growing the Nation: Westward Expansion

Grade Level:

5/6 Grade, Intervention

Estimated duration of lesson:

One Class period.

Content standards: 

Topic: Expansion. Content Statement: The United States added to its territory through treaties and purchases.
Study Skills and Methods #3: Use primary and secondary sources to answer questions.

Primary Source:

“Captain Lewis & Clark holding a council with the Indians,” an etching. A Journal of the Voyages and Travels of the Corps of Discovery, Under the Command of Capt. Lewis and Capt. Clarke, by Patrick Gass. Philadelphia. 1810, P. 26, Library of Congress, Rare and Special Books Collections Division, LC-USZ62-17372.

A summary of the lesson:

Students will learn about the relationship between Lewis and Clark and Native Americans by analyzing a primary source.

Instructional Steps:

1. Background Lesson on the Lewis & Clark Expedition
2. Distribute Engraving of “
3. Students answer spiral questions individually, in groups, or as whole group
4. If worked on individually or in small groups, whole class should come together to go over the different responses participants developed.



Materials needed by teacher and students: