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Petition to Ohio Governor Samuel Huntington from Chief Tarhe

Lesson Plan

Samuel Huntington, Ohio's third governor

Core Theme:

Growing the Nation – Westward Expansion

Grade Level:


Estimated duration of lesson:

50 minutes

Content standards:

History 6-8
  • Benchmark D: Describe the effects of interactions among civilizations during the 14th through 18th centuries.
  • Grade 8, GLI 2. Describe the political, religious and economic aspects of North American colonization including: c. interactions between American Indians and European settlers, including the agricultural and cultural exchanges, alliances and conflicts.
  • Benchmark E: Explain the causes and consequences of the American Revolution, with emphasis on both Colonial and British perspectives.
  • Grade 8, GLI 4. Explain the results of important developments of the American Revolution including: d. impacts on women, African Americans and American Indians.

Primary Source:

Petition to Ohio Governor Huntington from Chief Tarhe and other Sandusky Chiefs.

A summary of the lesson:

Students will analyze the Petition to Governor Huntington in order to understand the relationship between Native Americans and settlers in early Ohio.

Instructional Steps:

  1. Divide students into groups. Each group will receive a copy of the petition document and the Spiral Questions. 
  2. Allow time for groups to work through questions.
  3. Once everyone is finished, go over questions and answers with the entire class.


Worksheet results and class discussion and participation will be used to determine whether students understood the activity. Intervention will be offered to those who need it.

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List any materials needed by students: