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Here is our list of suggested podcasts that deal with historical subjects:

The serial podcast, Prologued, features amazing stories and remarkable guests. Prologued offers in-depth discussions of the historical roots of the world today—a past that has often been lost, ignored, or misconstrued. Each season reconstructs the history of a major issue that confronts society now: to explain how we got here and to reveal a path forward. Season one's topic is dedicated to Celebrating the 19th Amendment Centennial. Another podcast, History Talk, features interviews and segments about today’s most interesting topics— it’s a history podcast for everyone. Both podcasts were created by Origins: Current Events in Historical Perspective in the Departments of History at Ohio State University and Miami University.

Grey History: The French Revolution is a history podcast dedicated to exploring the ambiguities of the past. Emphasising contradicting conclusions and differing perspectives, Grey History analyses the key ideas, events and debates of the revolution as it seeks to explore “the grey”. Hear from disgruntled aristocrats, enthralled foreigners, disenchanted revolutionaries and historians of all stripes as Grey History unpacks the revolution in a detailed yet digestible manner. If you’re looking for a way to become intimately familiar with the French Revolution without having to read 100+ sources yourself, try listening to Grey History. Available for free on all major podcast platforms.